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 A Team For Life.
The Players.


Football is all about the players. Premiership Health is no different.


Each player at the club has a specific role or purpose which contributes to how well you play in the game of life.

By taking an holistic approach, encompassing, the mind, the body and team spirit, you can start to play better and see improvements in all aspects of your health.


 Team Lineup:


1. The Health Keeper.
2. Right Lifestyle Fullback
3. Left Fullback  Family & Friends.
4. Central Beliefs Defender.
5.  Central Values Defender.
6. Midfield-General Decision-Maker.
7.  Midfield-Dynamo Energy.
8. Midfield Link-Up Connections and Communications.
9.  Goals Scorer.
10.  Action Attacker.
11.  Captain Purpose.


Manager: YOU.



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