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The “Super” Club.


We are more than individuals, with a separate mind and body, trying to survive and thrive in the game of life!

We are more like a Super Club – composed of many different teams working together to achieve the best possible results.

Yes, we may all have different starting line-ups, different back-room staff, different grounds, filled with different fans, but ultimately what we need to have a successful season is a positive environment that allows all our players and teams to play to the best of their ability.

Once you start thinking about your health and happiness in terms of the Super Club, with you as Manager, orchestrating proceedings in line with your own purpose in life, you will begin to see some big improvements in how well your team plays and the quality of your health.

A Premiership Health “Super” Club comprises of the following Teams for Life:



If you can get all these teams working together with a common purpose, you should enjoy a successful season as a Premiership Health Manager.


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