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The CommunoTeam


Purpose: To develop healthy relationships.


The CommunoTeam – represents the Sales and Marketing, Personal Relations and Consumer Complaints departments at your Club and helps you to develop and maintain healthy connections in the community.

For a Club to be truly successful it needs to create community spirit and ensure the environment is right for all the different teams to work together towards a common purpose.

It is a generally accepted fact that people’s health is affected more by the social and economic circumstances in which they live and work, than by any healthcare they receive. Once again, this is because the environment and lifestyle are the major causes of illness and chronic disease in today’s society.

Even in this country we see large differences in death rates between the social classes and when factors such as, smoking, diet and exercise are taken in to account, it appears that the higher social classes are healthier than the lower social classes.

Indeed, if you look around the world, the healthiest societies tend to be those in which there is little difference in income between the rich and poor.

In those countries with the smallest income inequalities people somehow live longer, perhaps because equality makes life less stressful.

People are less concerned about what the “Joneses” have, because they are all “Joneses” and this helps to create a deep felt sense of connection and community spirit, which is very important to Premiership Health and happiness.

It has been argued the breakdown in the social network and family unit in today’s society, that used to give us all a sense of community, has been largely responsible for the massive explosion in unhappiness we are witnessing in western society today.

This is reflected by the dramatic increase in the number of people, not just adults, taking anti-depressant medication.

You see, when people are given a position to play in life they are much more likely to take an active part in the game, which can certainly have many positive benefits to their health.

A most remarkable illustration of community spirit being very beneficial to the well-being of the inhabitants was demonstrated in a small town in Pennsylvania USA, called Roseto, whose residents were found to be in excellent health.

Naturally, this attracted a lot of attention from researchers, who when they visited Roseto, expecting to find a town full of vegetarian, jogging, teetotallers, actually found inhabitants with the same poor lifestyles as the rest of us, but living in an unusually close-knit community, in which everyone had a role to play.

They even predicted that if this community spirit was lost, any health advantages would also be lost, and this is exactly what happened over the subsequent years, as people began to move away from the town into the bigger cities in search of work.

One of the main problems in today’s society is loneliness, people are becoming more insular and isolated, because they are choosing to watch the game from the comfort of their own home on mobile devices, effectively distancing themselves from the game.

How can we expect to play well if we don’t actually communicate with our team-mates?

Indeed, it is a damning indictment on our society that a recent study conducted by a mobile phone operator found we spend more time looking at our phones than communicating with our partners. Or, that many of us don’t even know the names of our next door neighbours and actively try to avoid them.

Yet, we are creatures of community, we have evolved to look after one another and those communities that have learnt how to care, live the longest.

Study after study show that people who feel lonely and isolated have a 3-5 fold increased risk of dying prematurely, not only from heart disease, but all causes, when compared to those with a sense of connection in their lives.

Dr Thomas Oxman, from the University of Texas Medical School, asked people who were about to undergo open heart surgery, two simple questions:

Are you a person who takes strength from any particular faith?

2) Are you someone who meets up with a group of people on a regular basis?

What he found was quite remarkable.

Twenty percent of those who answered “No” to both questions were dead within six months of surgery, compared with only three percent who answered “Yes” to both questions.

So you see, having connections could quite literally mean the difference between life and death.


Goal Scored: Healthier relationships.⚽⚽⚽



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