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No 7. Midfield Dynamo – Energy.


Purpose: Provide the necessary Energy for all your teams and players.


We all like to feel we have the energy to do whatever we need to do in life. It powers up our life forces, recharges our batteries and allows us to score the goals we desire. So why are so many of us running on empty at the moment, bereft of vitality and deficient in the motivation that drives the team forward?

Bryan Robson, “Robbo” or “Captain Marvel” was another of my childhood heroes at the Albion.

Of course he went on to win numerous trophies and honours with Man Utd and England, and was even voted the greatest ever Manchester United player, in a 2011 poll of ex United players.

However, it is as a raw and exuberant midfield dynamo for West Brom, I will remember him most.

He possessed an abundance of stamina, a great will to win, creative passing skills, genuine pace and power in attack, he was a true force of nature, who could bring any game to life!

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Bryan though, he had to face a number of lows in his career, including; breaking his leg three times in one year and severely dislocating his shoulder during the 1986 World Cup.

Yet, despite these painful injuries, he always seemed to bounce back stronger then ever, to become the best midfield player of his generation.

Perhaps, I should leave it to Ron Atkinson, “Robbo’s” manager at both Albion and United to provide the perfect description:

“With this player you’re not taking a gamble, what you’re buying is pure gold.”

The next player in this midfield triumvirate, is the midfield dynamo, the pocket rocket that is your energy. It keeps everything ticking over, ever ready to supply the Attackers to take Action and create some Goals up front, or drop back and help out in defence whenever things are getting a little manic.

A top performing Energy player is full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, infectiously energising other members of the team and providing the necessary drive for success.

This is the kind of player you need for Premiership Health.


Goal Scored: Understand why energy is vitally important for life.⚽⚽⚽





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