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No 6. The Midfield-General Decision Maker.


Purpose: Take healthier Actions with the Decisions you make.


Bobby “Sir Robert” Hope, played for the Albion between 1959-1972. I never actually got to see him play, but, I was in the same class as his son at school, so a tiny part of me will always believe I got to play football with him in the playground most lunchtimes.

He made his debut at the tender age of 16 and was to be the last ever amateur player at the Albion.

He was quickly promoted to the role of General play-maker in the team’s midfield throughout the 1960’s. With his intelligent scheming and silky, inch-perfect passing abilities, he provided just the right ammunition for other players to score the goals.

Concluding, in his most commanding performance, a victorious display in the 1968 FA Cup Final against Everton.

Legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly, was spot on in his analysis:

” If you stop Bobby Hope…you stop Albion.”

At the heart of your team, playing central midfield, is the Decision-Making Midfield General.

This player really needs to be running the show if you are to have a winning team.

To perform at their best they need to be able to see all the opportunities and openings available, assess the situation quickly and then play a decisive through ball to the attackers up front.

They essentially provide the assists to the strike-force, by setting up the goal-scoring chances.

When the Midfield Decision maker is on form they are one of the most committed players you’ll ever meet, once they’ve made up their mind they go for it wholeheartedly. One hundred percent committed in the tackle, full on in attack, continually looking to push forward with an unerring ability to always make the right move at the right time.

They are a vital component for Premiership Health.

“Football’s in my blood, and eventually I want to be the one making decisions” Stuart Pearce.


Goal Scored: Make better decisions about your health.⚽⚽⚽




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