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Type 2 Diabetes



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This playbook is about improving health, it’s not a “my way or the highway” lecture about moral behaviour, we all have our own beliefs and values in life and there will always be different ways to score a goal.

So, if at any point you find yourself meeting resistance to anything I have written, then good, because it’s got you asking questions.

Just stop and ask yourself why?

Is it against your beliefs?

If so, check with the ‘Beliefs’ section on diabetes. Beliefs

Perhaps, it’s something you’ve been told, time and time again, from those with authority and knowledge; teachers, doctors, news programmes etc.

Instead, ask yourself this question:

Could they possibly be wrong, is it remotely possible and if it is, what actions can you take to decide?

In the context of type 2 diabetes, the medical profession talks about managing the condition, but you can rest assured this is a relegation dogfight you are dealing with. Non of the tablets or injections prescribed are actually going to change that.

Life-expectancy decreases and the risk of stroke, heart attack, renal failure, blindness and cancer, all increase, along with dementia and amputations.

If you have the belief that type 2 diabetes is an irreversible chronic condition, then you might as well leave it in the capable hands of your doctor to manage and keep playing along with the current guidelines/tactics..

However, if you want to change tactics, then the only real way to learn, is to first unlearn things that you thought you knew.

And that always seems to involve confusion – so if you are a little confused right now, then again I say good,  because that is yet another trigger to start asking questions, make observations and changes, and improve your play in all aspects of the game.

But, don’t just take my word for it, look at the research, the science available. Take a look at the “Scouting Reports” and some of the video links.

Find something that works for you, I can only make suggestions and provide you with the tactics and training I would consider for my own team, given a specific game situation.

We all have different lineups, different strengths and weaknesses and it’s up to the individual manager to get the most out of the players available to them.


The bottom line is this:

I don’t want you to follow, I want you to lead.

Lead your players, your team, your “Super Club” to make improvements, not just in your health, but, in all aspects of life. This is the holistic approach, which will ultimately bring you the best results.


“Play well, get your Teams in shape and take care!”


Dr Rob.


Type 2 Diabetes Diet PDF



Video: Dr Jason Fung – How to use Intermittent Fasting to Reverse Type 2 DM

Video: Prof Tim Noakes – Low Carb High Fat Diet for Elite Athletes


Scouting Reports: Collation of Studies supporting Low Carb diet

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Type 2 Diabetes

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