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Type 2 Diabetic Beliefs.


Purpose: To reverse type 2 diabetes.


Goal: Establish positive beliefs.

Action: Kick out the “Hooligans”

Purpose: To improve how well you play.


It all starts with your beliefs.


Whether you believe you can reverse your diabetes, what causes diabetes and the best tactics to use, all depend upon the beliefs you hold.

So, begin by identifying those Self-Limiting “Hooligan” Beliefs that have been on your team for far too long and are now preventing progress. (See Belief Training).


These may include:

1. Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic progressive irreversible condition. Video – Dr Jason Fung

2. It mainly depends on my genes, so there isn’t much I can do about it. See GenoTeam

3. I have a healthy diet (according to the guidelines). Video – Sarah Hallberg

4. It’s only my blood sugar and I feel fine, so nothing to worry about.Video: Early Signs


Then use your Question Coach Blitz.

Q. Other people have reversed diabetes why can’t I?

Q. How is diabetes affecting my health or could it in the future?

Q. What is the root cause of my diabetes?

Q. What changes do I need to make?


Loan Deals. (My own Beliefs)


I believe Type 2 Diabetes is reversible, because I have seen it happen in many patients.

I believe the root cause of type 2 Diabetes is overcrowding of the fat cells leading to insulin resistance and high blood sugars. See Football Tragedies Part One.

I believe Type 2 Diabetes is largely a metabolic problem and is associated with many potential diseases such as: Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Dementia.

I believe I have the necessary tools and resources available to reverse type 2 Diabetes.


Transfer Market.


I can’t reverse my type 2 Diabetes  –  I can reverse my type 2 Diabetes.

I don’t need to do anything about it  –  I do need to do something.

I don’t have the motivation to make changes –  I do have the motivation to change.


Academy Development.


Health Goal: Lower my HBa1c and reverse my Type 2 Diabetes.

Skills Needed: Improve dietary/nutritional knowledge. Exercise, Sleep, Stress Reduction.

Health Belief: Reversing my Type 2 Diabetes is possible and will have a big positive impact upon my overall health and reduce my risk of chronic diseases, including Cancer and Dementia.


Video: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?

Scouting Reports: Beliefs about Diabetes


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