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Decisions – Type 2 Diabetes


Purpose: To reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.


I was always taught to turn and FACE up to the Opposition – Decision-making is no different and if you want to get it right you need to start asking questions.

So, when faced with a difficult decision, such as:

Should I attempt to reverse my diabetes?

Ask yourself these four questions:




For: I will not have to take so many tablets. I will reduce my risk of other chronic diseases and hopefully live longer. I will lose weight and feel better.

Against: I might fail. I will have to alter my diet and lifestyle.

Choice: I can continue taking all my medications. I can change the way I eat.

Emotion: I should do what my doctor tells me they are the experts. I am afraid I won’t be able to make the necessary changes and fail. I love certain foods which I won’t be able to have.


You can Now make the decision to reverse your type 2 diabetes.


Great, what next you ask yourself?


Take Action!


Which brings us to the follow up question:


What is the best way for me to do it, what options do I have?


To answer this, you might decide to do some research, look on the internet, watch some videos etc. In preparation for the next decision you have to make.


Should I use the low carb tactic or another variation?



For: A lot of people are doing it successfully.

Against: I will have to give up some foods, bread, pasta etc maybe I will feel hungry. I am on medication that lowers my blood sugar so I will need to be careful.

Choice: low carb or low fat or very low calorie.

Emotion: I don’t wan’t to feel hungry all the time or tired or weak. I don’t want to upset my doctor.


The result of this decision then allows you to make another decisive pass about how you are going to reverse your diabetes.


For arguments sake, I will assume you have decided to give the low carb diet a try.


Everything is going swimmingly for the first few weeks, then you get sudden cravings for carbs – what do you do?


Take another Decision – Give up and start eating your usual high carb foods or continue?


For: I still want to reach my goal of reversing my diabetes. Maybe, I need the carbs to replenish the glycogen stores in my muscle.

Against: It’s too difficult and I don’t have the willpower.

Choice: Stick or bust!

Emotion: I don’t want to fail.


So, we finally get to the willpower excuse we all like to use.

This is where we need to bring on one of our super subs – Motivation, and get them linking up with the Midfield Decision maker and Goal Scorer.


Ask yourself these questions:


Q1 Why is it absolutely necessary that I reverse my diabetes?

Ans:- To reduce my risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia.


Q2 What will my life be like if I remain diabetic?

Ans:- I may possibly need to inject myself with insulin. I risk having a limb amputated.


Q3 Who else will benefit if I am no longer diabetic?

Ans:- My family and loved ones.


Q4 How will they suffer if I remain diabetic?

Ans:- They may have to look after me if I have a stroke, or develop dementia.


Q5 What is the most painful thing about being a diabetic?

Ans:- The fear of going blind or going to dialysis 3 days a week or living in a wheelchair, with my legs amputated.


Q6 What would be the most incredible and inspiring thing if I reversed my diabetes?

Ans:- I would be healthier and happier knowing I have control of my body again and don’t have to take anymore medication for my diabetes.



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